Exiled royalty from a mystical land

Skill Level
Life Magic Great
Leadership Good
Rapport Good
Fate Magic Good
Art Fair
Academics Fair
Melee Fair
Stealth Fair
Sleight of Hand Average
Alertness Average
Investigation Average
Endurance Average
Science Average
Resolve Average


Concept: Leader of the Al-Hadhar
Invoke to:
Compel to:

Trouble: Infernal Ancestry
Compel to:
Invoke to:

Aspect: Royal Blood
Invoke to:
Compel to:

Aspect: An Eye for an Eye
Invoke to:
Compel to:

Aspect: Honour Bound
Invoke to:
Compel to:

Aspect: Stranger in a Strange Land
Invoke to:
Compel to:

Aspect: There When You Need Him
Invoke to:
Compel to:


Major Healing
Battlefield Veteran
Natural Diplomat


Adventurer’s gear


Farouk grew up far away from the Border Kingdoms. First born heir to the throne of Zakhara, he was brought up from a young age in the knowledge that one day he would take the throne and lead his people in continued prosperity.

That was until the day his half brother turned up at the city gates with a small army of bandits. Gordrick Mindopar, jealous of the privilege given to Farouk by right of his birth, struck a deal with Farouk’s uncle, the Vizier Taroun Nagash. Gordrick gathered his mercenaries and attacked the city as a distraction whilst Nagash took the opportunity to dispose of Farouk’s father and mother.

Farouk returned to Al-Huzuz to find the city in flames and his entrance barred. In a rage he chased down Gordrick to make him pay for his treachery, but he was captured, although not before he was able to scatter the bandit army to the winds.

Kept at the whim of Nagash in the dungeons of the capital, Farouk met Lucian De Gersayd and together they concocted a plan to escape.

Realising that he could not help his homeland whilst it was in the thrall of Nagash, Farouk travelled West with Lucian in search of other allies in his quest to regain his throne. In Farouk’s absence, Nagash has cemented his control of the city and gained immortality through his transformation into a Lich. Nagash now attempts to spread his control throughout all of Zakhara.

Farouk and Lucian travelled extensively, both in search of allies to aid them in their destinies. Gordrick had fled when his bandit army was defeated and Farouk and Lucian started their journey by following his trail of devilry West. Several times they encountered Gordricks schemes and thwarted them but the fiend would always elude capture and flee before he could be stopped. When he hit the area of the Border Kingdoms, Farouk and Lucian took more time and care in tracking him down but he was ready for them, they were captured in their infiltration of his hideout and were imprisoned until rescued by Karagh, Risca Lindemann and Valnos


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