Karagh the Exile, once king of the Sarees



Concept: Dragonborn Warlord
Invoke to: Fight, or lead people in a fight. Do the things that dragonborn do.
Compel to: Cause trouble for being a dragonborn.

Trouble: I am in charge here!
Compel to: Go into a rage when someone defies his (legitimate) authority or ignores instructions; make it impossible to refuse the top job.
Invoke to: Browbeat people into submission.

Aspect: Iron King of Sarees
Invoke to: Resist fire and heat. Create battle plans and lead small groups. Do things the Sarees do: e.g. survive or hide in the wastelands.
Compel to: Enrage him by mentioning the circumstances of his exile. Have one of the Sarees (or the whole tribe!) turn up and make trouble. Help out one of the Sarees who is in trouble.

Aspect: Built like a monolith
Invoke to: Be strong, large and tough.
Compel to: Have trouble fitting into small spaces, or handling tiny things. Have things break under his weight!

Aspect: Fearwalker
Invoke to: Be fearsome, intimidate people. Demand respect through strength.
Compel to: Have people react negatively, or be put off talking to him/volunteering assistance.

Aspect: Dragon talker
Invoke to: Have a dragon talk to him rather than just attacking. Be persuasive or deceptive. Have someone know the tale and react positively.
Compel to: Have someone cause trouble because they heard the story but don’t believe it. Make him or his group an object of interest to dragons!

Future Aspect: I will regain my crown!
Gain a position of power or influence
Convince the Sarees that he is their rightful king
Defeat his brother


Dragonfear      Great
Melee Weapons Good
Might Good
Endurance Good
Leadership Fair
Athletics Fair
Fists Fair
Resolve Fair
Deceit Average
Survival Average
Ranged Weapons Average
Alertness Average
Gambling Average
Rapport Average


Practised Terror (Dragonfear)
– You can use Dragonfear in place of Intimidate.

Create Fear (Dragonfear)
– Weaponises Dragonfear.

Multicast (Power stunt)
– Affect one extra target for each shift generated.

Bully Leader (Dragonfear; custom stunt)
Rather than the finer points of leadership, you use your intimidating presence to motivate your troops.
– Use Dragonfear instead of Leadership to command troops.

Weapon Specialist (Melee Weapons) (Greatsword)
Karagh is deadly with a greatsword in his hands, usually taking advantage of his size and strength to wield a massive fullblade.
– You deal +2 damage with greatswords.


Fullblade (greatsword): +4 bonus; Poor Defense, Poor in Close Combat, Heavy
Plate armour: -2 armour bonus; absorbs 1 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Severe consequence; Noisy, Hot
Adventurer’s gear

Dragonfear (Custom power skill)

Dragonfear is the magical fear that dragons (and some rare dragonborn) use to harry their enemies and cow their subjects into submission.


Sense fear – you can use Dragonfear in place of empathy to learn someone’s fears. Only genuine fears can be learned (i.e. deep concern that his or her tax return has not been filled in correctly probably doesn’t count – unless they really are losing sleep over it).

Manipulate fears – you can twist and fan another’s fear to place temporary aspects such as “shaking with fear” or “frozen in place” on them. Without the Create Fear stunt, this can only affect those who are already at least a little afraid.

Waking nightmare – Dragonfear can fan the flames of fear into a raging bonfire, inflicting Composure stress. The attack is resisted with Resolve. Without the Create Fear stunt, this can only affect those who are already at least a little afraid.

Iron mind – Visceral familiarity with fear and its effects serve to armour you against it. You can use Dragonfear to resist fear effects and the Intimidate skill.


Create Fear
You have learned to project fear into others’ minds, planting a seed that you can then exploit.
– With the Create Fear stunt, you can use Manipulate fears and Waking nightmare to affect people who were not already afraid.

Practised Terror
Your understanding of fear and the means of creating it has gone beyond the supernatural, blending magical and mundane means of bending others to your will.
– You can use Dragonfear in place of Intimidate.

Rooted to the Spot
You are practised at directing your enemies’ actions using fear alone.
– You gain a +1 bonus to use Manipulate fears to create temporary aspects.

Paralysed with Fear
Requires Rooted to the Spot
Fear you create can linger, undermining everything your enemy does.
– For a fate point, you make a Dragonfear attack on the target inflicting a Composure consequence rather than stress. On a power fumble, you take the consequence instead.

Monstrous Aura
Requires Create Fear
The menace you project is so pervasive that it unsettles others even as they try to influence you.
– You can resist Deceit, Empathy and Rapport with Dragonfear rather than Resolve.


Dust and Diamonds

The wind gusted, whipping a flurry of grit across the barren landscape and a handful of still figures before the ruined city walls. The dragonborn people of Sarees, so called, nomads by necessity, most of them more comfortable with their tents than the haunted shambles of their ancestral home. Men, women and children, perhaps forty in all.

Ash-like, grit worked its way into clothes, scoured yellow and brown scales to dull grey, flung itself choking into eyes and mouths. Yet besides a cough, and a sudden wail from the youngest eggling, it was barely noted. They were a tough people, the Sarees, survivors of the wastes and the pitiless sun. Today they had other concerns than comfort.

The hulking form of the Iron King of Sarees paced restlessly before his subjects, heedless of the sun heating his shining iron crown and steel armour into burning brands. His jaw worked ceaselessly. Spittle flew with the force of his rage. “Will you say so to Karagh? To me? Who was it that kept the green bastards from swallowing us up, not four seasons ago? Who was it that hunted the wolves and the lions and kept you all safe? Who wears the armour and the crown? Karagh! Which of you dung beetles will deny it?”

The king’s rage crashed across his people and made itself felt. At the back, among the women and the oldest, feet shifted. Shoulders hunched. Eyes turned downwards as if blinded by the light from the massive crystal set into the iron crown.

Not enough. Eager young men glared back, aching to seize their moment and prove themselves fit to lead. The middle-aged men, conservatives all, frowned and muttered. And the Windseeker stepped forward, raising his gnarled staff of office in a forbidding gesture. Karagh could almost taste the other man’s ambition, mingling foully with the desert dust. He spat.

“None may speak with the demon forebears. None!” Lacking the larger dragonborn’s power, the Windseeker’s words were clear enough to be heard. If Karagh caught the sly mockery, saw the malicious glint in his eyes, others were blind to it. “Such things must not be accepted, lest we be enslaved as our ancestors were! Karagh outcast you are, condemned by your own words and deeds. Servant of dragons! Monster!”

“Fool!” the king’s roar echoed from the crumbling walls. “Call me a fool instead for thinking that the Sarees were worth protecting from our ancient masters. Fool to do what the rest of you cowards would not. Great fool, to do the impossible and expect gratitude!”

Slowly, sorrowfully, the Windseeker shook his head. “You have bargained with evil, and bound the kingdom by your words. The crown and armour are forfeit to a worthier king. You must leave this place, Karagh outcast, or be put to death.” Avarice glittered in his gaze, well concealed from the tribe at his back.

“Then I am done with you – brother.” Karagh lifted his eyes to his people. “Done with you all.” He laughed, and it was bitter.

Ceremonially, Karagh the Iron King raised his hands to his brow and lifted the ancient iron crown of Sarees. Reverently, he folded it in his hands. And then his mighty thews bunched, corded muscles straining, and he bent the most sacred artifact of the Sarees back upon itself until the great crystal shattered and fell to pieces in the sand.

He threw the twisted remains at the Windseeker’s feet. “There lies the iron crown of Sarees, brother. A broken crown for a broken people of a broken land.”

Young men leapt forward, outraged – and stopped short as his hand lifted towards the hilt of the sword at his shoulder. Karagh the outcast looked on them, and smiled a smile with no humour in it at all. “If you want the armour back… come and take it.”

After a moment, he turned his back on them all and walked away.


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