Lucian De Gersayd

Young scion of an ancient and dubious bloodline forced to deal with some interesting new family problems.



Concept: Scion of an ancient bloodline
Invoke to: Draw on historical connection with the surrounding area
Compel to: Have certain locals react negatively towards the family name

Trouble: Fledgeling vampire
Invoke to: Boost assorted vampire powers
Compel to: Apply various vampire weaknesses

Aspect: Blood is thicker than water
Invoke to: Call on/assist assorted relatives, including “brothers in arms”
Compel to: Force Lucian to side with his family/close friends against his better judgement

Aspect: No stranger to strange customs
Invoke to: Deal with strangers and take unusual customs in his stride
Compel to: Have Lucian exhibit unusual behaviour that impairs his ability to blend in

Aspect: Curiosity killed the cat bat
Invoke to: Investigate something new
Compel to: Force investigation or have it turn out badly

Aspect: Out of the frying pan…
Invoke to: Escape from a sticky situation
Compel to: Land in a worse situation than the one he left

Future Aspect: My life, my blood, my power!
To acclimatise to life as a vampire and establish a routine
To master the full range of powers that come from his condition
To establish himself as an authority within the region


Domination      Great

Athletics       Good
Might           Good
Stealth         Good

Academics       Fair
Melee Weapons   Fair
Deceit          Fair
Alertness       Fair

Creatures       Average
Endurance       Average
Fists           Average
Rapport         Average
Resolve         Average
Transformation  Average


Enhanced Vision
– Lucian can see as clearly on the darkest night as a mortal can on a well lit day. His sense of smell is particularly keen too, when it comes to tracking the scent of fresh blood.

Quick Heal
– Lucian can spend a Fate point to immediately recover 2 physical stress

– Lucian recovers from consequences three time increments faster than mortals. He can also spend a Fate point to begin regenerating one physical stress per exchange as long as he remains still and does not engage in combat.

- Lucian’s unarmed attacks do damage as +3 weapons

Combat Dodge
- Lucian gains a +1 bonus to Athletics to dodge attacks

Herculean Strength
- Lucian’s Might skill increases by +2 for tasks that involve lifting or carrying heavy weights

- Lucian can use Might in place of Fists when fighting unarmed


Adventurer’s gear
Rapier and main gauche
Elegant but travel stained clothing


Lucian De Gersayd

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