Risca Lindemann

Skill Level
Endurance Great
Athletics Good
Might Good
Melee Weapons Good
Leadership Fair
Alertness Fair
Resolve Fair
Academics Fair
Fists Average
Intimidation Average
Survival Average
Artificer Average
Empathy Average
Ranged Weapons Average


High Concept: Steadfast Knight
Invoke to: Solid, unmovable defense in a fight, pin down enemies allowing others freedom to manoeuvre.
Compel to: Prevent him from moving.

Trouble: Glory Hunter
Invoke to: Gain renown in a dramatic situation.
Compel to: Make him rush head long into situations stacked against him.

Aspect: By Way of the Hammer
Invoke to: Bonus when attacking.
Compel to: Force him to become passive, preventing him from attacking an enemy.

Aspect: Righteous Shield
Invoke to: To gain a bonus to a roll.
Compel to: Force him to defend the weak and the innocent.

Aspect: Into The Fray
Invoke to: Sprints into combat, moving rapidly to assault and pin down opponents.
Compel to: Force him to react brashly.

Aspect: Valorous Heart
Invoke to: Bonus when defending others or standing up for others in need of help.
Compel to: Opens him up to more danger.

Aspect: Can’t Save Them All
Invoke to: Attack and retain the attention of an allies aggressor.
Compel to: He will risk his own well-being to save an ally.


Armour Training
Reduce the armour penalty for all armour worn by 1.
Thick-skinned (Endurance)
One more Physical stress box above those granted by your Endurance bonus.
One Hit To The Body (Endurance)
Once per session, pay a Fate point to either ignore the stress caused by one attack, as long as no consequences would be applied; or reduce the severity of a consequence you’ve just incurred by one step.
Flawless Parry (Melee Weapons)
Characters taking a full defence action using Melee Weapons gain a +3 bonus rather than +2.
Shield Training (Melee Weapons)
First, the stunt allows your shield to give you a defence bonus instead of an armour bonus, and to accept a Minor or Major consequence for you (like armour). Second, when taking a full defence or block action, your shield acts as an aspect. Third, if you obtain spin on a Melee Weapons attack when fighting an opponent with a shield, his shield doesn’t benefit him at all, including any benefits he might normally gain from this stunt.


Heavy Plate Armour – Absorbs 1 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Severe consequence.
Aspects: Noisy, Hot
Armour Bonus: -2

War Shield – Absorbs 1 Major consequence
Aspects: Cumbersome, Wall of Protection
Armour Bonus: -1

War Hammer – Armour-piercing
Complementing Skill – Might
Bonus: +2

Throwing Hammers – Range (Zones): 1
Bonus: +2

Adventurer’s gear


Risca is the youngest son of Lord Ruben Lindemann of Thur. Being the son of a nobleman meant that he was skilled in the martial arts from a young age. It also meant that he was destined for a life within the walls of a temple. Risca was too much of a free spirit to accept this fate and escaped from his family before he was dragged away to the High Temple of Sune at the age of 18. He took only his own possessions including a suit of armour given to him by his uncle on his 17th Birthday.

Life on the road was dangerous and hard. He worked on protecting merchants on the road and other odd jobs for a few years before finding himself in Emrys. The town had many opportunities and was on the edge of a vast wilderness known as The Shaar. He met with a group of like minded wanderers and together they set their sights on more dangerous, but more rewarding work.

Risca travelled in search of his own ideas. From temple to Armoury, taking part in skirmishes that he witnessed or was otherwise privy to. It wasn’t long before he found himself on a path with others of his own will. Followers of a new god. A god that instilled all that the young Knight was seeking and he soon gave in his all, devoting himself utterly to the laws of The Lord of Battles – Tempus, forever turning him against his family.

Risca Lindemann

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